Toyota Motor East Japan Inc.

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Message from the President

From Tohoku to the World

Toyota Motor East Japan was born in July 2012 as a company dedicated to the manufacturing of compact cars through the merger of three companies:Kanto Auto Works, Central Motor, and Toyota Motor Tohoku.

Taking advantage of our integrated car manufacturing from planning and development to production, we aspire to improve our ability to ensure uniformity and consistency across all processes of vehicle manufacturing, ranging from units to completed vehicles.

Furthermore, through manufacturing in close liaison with local communities in Tohoku and other regions, we would like to provide attractive compact cars with the world's highest competitiveness.

To achieve these objectives, we will play a role in enhancing the comprehensive strengths of the Toyota Group and achieving the Group's global vision while maintaining a harmonious balance with our customers, society and environment.By broadening our company's manufacturing from Tohoku to the world, we aim to be a world-leading manufacturer of compact cars.

We sincerely look forward to your continued support in the future.

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