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Process until cars are completed

The car manufacturing process can be divided into 3 main stages.(Click the button for each stage to display a detailed explanation.)
1 Development 矢印 2 Production Preparation 矢印 3 Production


Developing refined products through innovation, progress and teamwork focused on the future. development
While developing technologies for future generations,the development is working hard to create new models,keeping a close watch on ever-changing enviroments and lifestyles.To create ideal vehicles,we have been pursuing improvement in concept,style and design. Our insariable thirst for vehicle development serves as a source of the birth of next-generation vehicles. The creation of ideal vehicles cannot be accomplished without the excellent teamwork of the development that has attained the following achievements:skills in planning and design,capable of satisfying our customers;and the series of processes from body design to prototyping and evaluation,which serves as support for the competitiveness of our products.To create new means of mobility for future generations,we are engaged in research and development for our ideal vehicles in an uncompromising manner.


(1)Planning image1  (1)Planning image2

Examine vehicle design concepts


(2)Visual Design image1

High-quality design

(2)Visual Design image2

Convert a designed image to a 3D model

(3)Body Design

(3)Technical Design image1

Resolve technical issues to make a drawing

(4)Prototyping & Evaluation

(4)Testing & Evaluation image1

Check the precision on a prototype vehicle

(4)Testing & Evaluation image2

Evaluate performance through simulations and experiments

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Production Preparation

Support technology which creates products within manufacturing processes. Seek quality and efficiency. Production Technology
To create quality vehicles,high-level production preparation is required. A worker-friendly production line of high quality and low cost for high-mix low-volume manufacturing can be achieved by applying the following to the production line:press dies to realize aesthetic designs created by the design division,and assembly jigs and welding/painting robots to precisely realize body frames.Technological skills are needed to develop production lines that are constantly evolving along with the evolution of vehicles.Comprehensively considering all the processes for the production of well finished vehicles,we are devoted to equipment planning and production-line organization to develop efficient production lines.

(1)Examinaiton of Productivity

(1)Productivity Review image1

Perform simulations of pressed portions

(1)Productivity Review image2

Examine the quality of components in a molding die

(2)Process Planning→Verification of Equipment→Procurement of Equipment

(2)Process Planning→Detailed Review of Facilities→Facilities Procurement image1

Develop plans for a high-quality,low-cost,worker-friendly manufacturing process

(2)Process Planning→Detailed Review of Facilities→Facilities Procurement image2

Install jigs and equipment created from 3D data in the manufacturing process

(3)Equipment Tryouts→Quality Check→Mass Production

(3)Facilities Testing→Quality Check→Mass Production1

Perform 3D simulations of the manufacturing process to verify productivity and quality

(3)Facilities Testing→Quality Check→Mass Production2

Define conditions for efficient painting through simulations of the movement of painting robots

(3)Facilities Testing→Quality Check→Mass Production3

Conduct examinations to determine component configurations and manufacturing processes that can provide ease of operation by simulating the operations of assembling components

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Our technological capability or [craftsmanship] is highly recognized by expert international institutions Production
At our three production bases,the Miyagi Ohira,Miyagi Taiwa,Iwate Plants,vehicles are being manufactured safely with effective,worker-friendly production lines organized in such a way that the burden of workers can be reduced by applying robots and automatic conveyors at each production process.
To establish advanced skills backed by individual worker's wisdom and experience as manufacturing technology,not only the production sites but also the development and production preparation work as an integral whole,implementing kaizen by utilizing workers'wisdom and ingenuity to find the best way to produce quality vehicles skillfully and quickly at reasonable cost.


(1)Pressing image1  (1)Pressing image2

Make vehicle components of various sizes by stamping steel plates with press machines


(2)Welding image1

Form a vehicle body by welding pressed components


(3)Painting image1

Provide gloss to the body by painting on multiple layers


(4)Assembly image1

Assemble thousands of components including interior trim, meters, electrical wiring, an engine and tires


(5)Inspection image1  (5)Inspection image2

After strict inspection from multiple viewpoints,such as brakes,lights and exhaust gases,ship the vehicle as a completed vehicle

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