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From Tohoku to the World

Toyota Motor East Japan was founded in July, 2012, as a group of specialists focusing on compact cars through the merger of three companies: Kanto Auto Works, Central Motor and Toyota Motor Tohoku.

Throughout the process of planning, development and production of automobile, our attempt will enhance the ability to develop our production from unit parts to complete vehicles, which also will enable us to make the most competitive and attractive compact cars in the world. We cannot make it happen without the assistance and cooperation of the people in and around Tohoku. Cooperating with all the people connected to our work, we would like to make best efforts to provide outstanding compact cars to our customers.

The automotive industry is facing a once-in-a-century period of profound transformation. No matter how much new technologies advance and spread, however, the “Monozukuri (Manufacturing)” field will never disappear.
In any period, we will keep on responding to the customer needs timely and produce the cars which will be chosen by our customers.
To make it happen, what we value forever is “Human Development”, which become the foundation of all.
We will continue to make efforts to develop such a corporate culture as each one of us moves and builds up our team voluntarily in order to make better cars.

In addition, we will play a role in enhancing the comprehensive strength of the Toyota Group and achieving the Group's global vision while being in harmony with our customers, society and environment.
By expanding our “Monozukuri (Manufacturing)” from here, Tohoku to the world, we will contribute to manufacturing compact cars of the world.
We sincerely look forward to your continued support in the future.

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