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All Wheel Drive Powered Wheelchair

We developed "Patrafour" to make your life more comfortable,
joyful and active. "Patrafour" has been sold since Oct,
2004 by Nissin Medical Industries Co.,LTD. in Japan.


Special front wheel : WESN®

We apply for a patent on "WESN® " *1Patrafour adopted a special wheel called WESN. WESN doesn't steer when it makes a turn.
*1 WESN® This coined word means all directions (West-East-South-North).WESN is a registered trademark.


Motions of WESN

  • Case of going straight on.
    =>Wheels drive back and forward. Cups don't rotate.
  • Case of turning on Patrafour's axis.
  • The axis will be between Rh and Lh rear wheels.
    =>Cups rotate laterally when it grounds.
  • Case of making a turn.
All wheel drive system

Front wheels don't have driving motors.Driving power transmitted from rear wheel to front wheel by a simple belt system.


Characteristics of Patrafour's driving system

  • Front wheel doesn't steer.
  • Patrafour can turn on it's axis.
  • The axis will be between Rh and Lh rear wheels.
  • We adopted this system for the first time in the world.


Length 98 [ cm ]
Width 62.5 [ cm ]
Height 93 [ cm ]
Weight 100 [ kg ] (with batteries)
Turning radius 79 [ cm ]
Max speed 6 [ km/hr ]
Max Range 30 [ km ]
Battery charging time approx.12 [ hr ]
Safe climbing angle < 10 [ deg. ]
Safe climbing curb height < 8 [ cm ] (forward only)
Safe ditch stride range < 10 [ cm ]

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Driving performance

All the movies are silent.

Realized a high performance by using the All Wheel Drive system.


You can drive a steep slope in safe.Safe climbing angle <10[deg.]



You can pass high curbstones with ease and smooth.
Safe climbing curb height <8[cm]


[Road with an inclination]

You can drive safely on inclined footpaths.Patrafour doesn't slide to ward the roadways.It is possible to control Patrafour on road with an inclination.

[Rough Road]

You can drive on seashores. But,not all sand conditions.



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Body colors

You can choose a favorite color to make your drive joyful.

[Standard colors]

Silver metallic

Lime green

[Optional colors]

Wine red metallic

Light yellow

Blue metallic

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